Oom Pah Pah

Quality ad-free indie publishing. Encouraging kids to be kids.

Oom Pah Pah is a creative activity magazine for little kids with big imaginations. It’s illustrated and published by me.

Inside each fully illustrated issue are stories, puzzles, games, activities, projects, poems, colouring pages and activities aimed at getting the creative juices flowing!

Oom Pah Pah is aimed at ages 5+, but is enjoyable for the whole family – young and old alike. Oom Pah Pah would like to encourage its readers to explore the world using their imaginations and a sense of adventurous fun.

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Issue One - Beetles

Explore the world of beautiful beetles and be encouraged to get out in the garden and draw what you find there – as well as make a home for Stag beetles, which need our help. 


Issue Two - Monsters

Make your own cube monster - have fun playing spot the difference - create a MonstROAR!


Issue Three - Space

Play a board game - label the planets of our solar system - challenge yourself or someone else with memory match - learn to draw a space ship.


Issue Four - In the Wild Garden

Make mini-bunting - Create a spinner - Write stories and finish comics - Help little bunny through the maze - Finish decorating the hen - Learn to draw a squirrel.