Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sideview mirrors...

Still working on observational drawings for module one. I've taken to sitting in my car and drawing what's in my side view mirrors. 

One, it gives me a frame. 
Two, it makes everything small. 
Three, I can do it from inside my car - less cold hands, plus comfy seat. 
Four, I don't feel so exposed.
Five, I don't have to lug heavy bags around.
Six, I can scatter my stuff around the car.
Seven, I can easily nip home for lunch. 
Eight, Did I mention it's not as cold?

As you can tell, I've really fallen for this studio on wheels thing. 

I've started to add some colour to my drawings. They're a bit messy/muddy, but I've gotta start somewhere if I want to improve.



  1. I like your thinking! How about rear view mirror drawing too? Like these x x

  2. I love these Sasha! For me they convey a view, quite literally, from the periphery; either being from the sides of your car, or from an observing traveller or outsider in some way. The framing shape of them which you mention also adds a subtle, almost subliminal air of familiarity to an otherwise unfamiliar vista, as many people look to their mirrors as a matter of course for hazard detection while driving, but not as a way of seeing and noting their surroundings. Are you going to consider depicting any visual clues that it is a reversed image i.e. text etc... ? Or maybe use them to make (right way round) prints from?
    Either way, bravo, and great work.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks! I've had a really good time doing them.

      I'm considering including text when I do some from in front of shops (or whenever it presents itself)…just need to practice a bit of reverse parking first. And I'm keeping them backwards (except the strange bit will be carving them forwards!). Seems natural…perhaps my brain is already a bit reversed?!

  3. Love these! What a great idea! and you keep warm as well!