Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Monumental Day...

The current module at Uni is all about observational drawing. I was struggling with tone, capturing the essence of a place, getting people in their setting (rather than people and settings separate). It's amazing what a great tutor and tutorial can do. Today after a crit session and a tutor who drew examples of things for me to think about I was able to go away and thumbnail some images. Something I thought I wasn't capable of, using more of a range of tone than I previously have. (I still have to capture the highlights, but I'm getting there!) Anyway, today's drawings...


  1. Your drawing skills have improved exponentially, there is life and tone to them, and, (more importantly to me) they invoke a feeling and sense of place and/or incident.
    Bravo Sasha!
    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Mark. It's amazing what having tutors who will show techniques (i.e. teach) does for helping to learn to see and draw differently.